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Team Bridget 5K AVM Awareness bRUNch

On May 1, 2016, approximately 100 volunteers and participants joined arteriovenous malformation (AVM) survivor Bridget Falcone for her 10-year anniversary celebration entitled the 5K AVM Awareness bRUNch! Part awareness run/walk, part brunch festivities, this fundraising event wound around the Mt. Vernon Trail in Gravelly Park outside of majestic Washington, DC.  After the “run” portion of the event, participants met at Samuel Beckett's Irish Gastro Pub for refreshments, chances to win raffle prizes, and more.


Here’s what Bridget had to say before the bRUNch:


It wasn’t until my 25th birthday when my sister took me to San Francisco to join in The Aneurysm and AVM Foundation’s (TAAF) 8th Annual Walk that I began my emotional recovery. Unable to travel and with the 10-year anniversary of my AVM surgery coming up, I'm bringing a similar experience out East.  For East Coast AVM survivors, caregivers or someone who has lost a loved one, I am bringing the opportunity to share, to connect, to believe and to strengthen closer to you.  I am so excited to help others open up and emotionally heal while having an amazing time walking the DC monuments and enjoying a delicious brunch! This is a chance to make a difference, raise money and bring people together to share their stories and grow…all for such an amazing cause, supporting TAAF. Without the experience I received from their walk, I would still be having a difficult time dealing with my AVM surgery.  


So what can you do? The first step is to become AVM aware. Help raise money, donate, spread the word, and come to our 5k AVM Awareness bRUNch!  My goal is to have 100 people participate in the walk.  If we each raise $100, I have reached my goal! So tell all of your friends and family!


We’re happy to report that Bridget not only met her attendance and fundraising goals, but exceeded one of them contributing over $15,000 to TAAF. Happy birthday Bridget! Congratulations bRUNch participants! And our unending thanks for your support, generosity, and willingness to spread AVM awareness far and wide. We are immeasurably grateful!