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10th Annual Aneurysm and AVM Awareness Walk

Be part of the Anniversary celebration at your 10th Annual Aneurysm and AVM Awareness Walk happening Sunday, May 3, Crissy Field in San Francisco!

Registration is open, so click here to WALK WITH US.  Can’t make it to San Francisco? Raise awareness and make an impact in your own community! Click here to WALK ON YOUR OWN.


On your mark, get set, WALK!




2014 Cerebrovascular Research Grant Recipient

TAAF is excited to announce the recipient of the 2014 Cerebrovascular Research Grant award:

Research Study: Rapid Quantification of Aneurysm Flow and Device-Induced Flow Changes for Real-Time Analysis During Treatment

Principal Investigator: Aichi Chien, PhD, University of California, Los Angeles


Figure a. Representation of blood flow simulation b. Sketch of relevant contrast agent flows through the blood vessel and aneurysm. (Image source: Aichi Chien, PhD, UCLA)Aneurysms that occur in certain locations can be difficult to treat by clipping and large and wide-neck aneurysms cannot be completely blocked off with coils. Recently a new treatment device–the flow-diverting stent (FDS)–was introduced to prevent rupture. However, clinical results have shown considerable variation in FDS treatment outcome as well as procedure-related complications. It is currently unclear why these complications occur.

The objective of Dr. Chien’s research is to develop a tool to analyze aneurysm blood flow by measuring an injected contrast agent flow. This measurement tool will provide physicians with a wealth of currently inaccessible and objective flow information with which to make informed treatment decisions.

These findings may be immediately relevant to clinical treatment by explaining how blood flow affects FDS outcome and complications. The availability of this real-time blood flow information can improve the use of devices and reduce stroke, patient mortality, and other complications.

Learn more on our Research Grants page.


The William L. Young Endowment Fund

Dr. William L. YoungWilliam L. Young, the Vice Chair for Research in the Department of Anesthesia and Perioperative Care at UCSF, founder and director of the Center for Cerebrovascular Research, a member of TAAF’s Board of Directors, and a pioneer of cerebrovascular research passed away on August 1, 2013. Dr. Young’s career was largely devoted to the care of patients with vascular malformations and the study of AVMs. He built an extensive research portfolio, including TAAF's first grant to study gene expression in AVM patients.


TAAF is proud to maintain Dr. Young's legacy through the William L. Young Endowment Fund to recognize, honor, and promote excellence in research.

More information about the award for excellence in research coming soon.

To contribute the fund, click "DONATE" above and select The William L. Young Endowment Fund from the designation menu.


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 Grassroots Fundraising and Awareness Events

Grassroots events are fundraising and awareness events organized and hosted by people like you! Thank you to our TAAF supporters!

If you are interested in hosting a walk, fundraiser, or awareness event in your community, e-mail us at info@TAAFonline.org. We're here to help!

Muir Woods Walk

"It was the perfect day to celebrate life!"

Saturday, September 28, 2013 marked one year of survival from multiple aneurysms and an AVM for Susan Jayubo.

Visit our Grassroots Events page to learn more about the Muir Woods Walk!




AVM Beach Walk

On Saturday, August 24, 2013, AVM and aneurysm survivors, their caregivers, and community members came together at the AVM Beach Walk to honor Domenico Howard and other survivors and walk together on the beach in beautiful Ocean Gate, New Jersey.

Visit our Grassroots Events page to learn more about the Muir Woods Walk!



Brainbows have become a runaway hit!

Lindsey Troop began designing hairbows and headbands to benefit TAAF after having surgery to remove an AVM. She's now raised $3600 and sales are still going strong! To learn more or to purchase a Brainbow please visit her site at http://www.facebook.com/LindseysBrainbows





Aneurysm and arteriovenous malformation (AVM) are different types of vascular malformation that can affect the brain. These diseases often share common symptoms and recovery challenges. Our website is intended to help you learn about each disease, and provide information on support resources and recovery. 

This site only deals with intracranial (found in the cranium or brain) aneurysm or AVM. However aneurysms and AVMs can develop anywhere there are arteries in the body.

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